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Jumping Before You've Heard It All - #6482
How are you perceived by your mate, your children, your parents, your friends when it comes to listening? Maybe someone has basically stopped trying. But tell them you want another chance. It takes patience; it takes self-control to listen; not just to a person's words, but to their heart. It is, according to the Word of God, foolish not to listen before you speak.


Oracle in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Nothing we do or say should be done frivolously. Our words should be as carefully chosen and considered as if we were speaking for God himself.


Ability in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Peter writes that we should do all things in the power of Christ. Our abilities are not our own, rather any ability we have should be channeled through God in some way. If we speak, we should speak with the words of God. If we praise we should praise through Jesus.


"Speak" in the Bible: Psalm 15:1-5
In this list of the characteristics of a holy person, take note of how many of them are related to speech. A godly person avoid slander, keeps his word, and speaks only what is true.


C.H. Spurgeon : A Basket of Summer Fruit
N READING THROUGH THE PROPHETICAL BOOKS, you must have been struck at their singular variety. On looking a little more closely, you have at once perceived that every prophet has a manner and style peculiarly his own. Although God speaketh through them all, yet they lose not...