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Did you do any spring cleaning this year? Each year as winter draws slowly to a close and the...

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Rub It In - #6774
What did you read today? What are you doing differently because of it? When God says meditate on it, what does that mean? Does that mean you stare into space blankly, kind of an Eastern mysticism thing? Not at all! You think about something you read in the Bible until you have made a connection between what you read and something you're going to face today.

"Insight for Leaders" Daily Devotional
Few men speak in such a way that their words are considered timeless. But A. W. Tozer, often called a "20th-century prophet," spoke with such spiritual insight that he deserves to be heard in the 21st century. Read it online or by free daily email subscription.

Fuel for Your Fire - #3133
Making your Father-time the anchor of your daily schedule will not only fuel your fire for the Lord, but also for the lost people He died to rescue. And you'll feel again the excitement of joining Him in His eternal rescue mission.