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Today's Devotional: Our Material and Spiritual Responsibilities
According to Wonder of Creation we have two kinds of responsibilities on this earth:...

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When Your Shopping Is Over - #5725
Because we've taken over the life that was supposed to be for Him, we're separated from our anchor relationship. But Jesus came to Bethlehem ultimately to die on Skull Hill. He died on that cross to carry all the guilt and all the hell of all your sin so you could finally come home to the love that you've been looking for your whole life.

Your Unchanging Address - #5723
You know it could be that even though you're religious and have a lot of Christianity, somewhere along the way there has never been that time when you have grabbed on to Jesus to be your rescuer from your sin, just as people would grab a life guard if they were drowning. This could be that day for you.

Whatever it Takes to Save a Life - #5716
What's God waiting for you to do and be part of the answer to your own prayers? Please do whatever He asks you to do, whatever that takes, whatever that costs to assist in the rescue. And don't stop praying for them, don't stop loving them, don't stop believing God for their eternal soul.

Your Skin Goes Everywhere - #5715
So, being a Christian doesn't mean adding a list of spiritual things to do. It means letting Christ make the things you're already doing His things. So, you drive unselfishly, you dedicate your car to helping others, you shop for Jesus; trying to bring some of His joy and love into the grocery store where you're shopping.

Missing Your Mission - #5704
God is trying to open your eyes to the life-or-death emergency that's right in front of you. He's put you on the scene where you could save some lives, where you could rescue some spiritually dying people. As inadequate as you may feel, you're the one that Jesus placed in their lives so you could help some of those folks be in heaven with you!

A Little More Time To Harvest - #5699
God has given you a little more time to bring in someone that His Son died for. Don't keep putting it off. Don't let your life be so full of un-eternal stuff that you miss the mission that matters most. Someone you know desperately needs Jesus, and Jesus has given you a little more time to bring them home.

Spiritual - a Christian perspective
A spiritually-minded person has the ability to discern good from evil, but is mature enough not to be subject to the ideas he's evaluating.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Greatest Treat of All - #5679
Maybe there are some of your Master's commands that you've been running from lately; things where you thought your way was going to be better than His way. Not true, is it? The joy is in obeying the One who made you His at the cost of His life.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Sugar Sick - #8107
The sugar addiction actually goes farther than an appetite for sweet foods. It actually infects the spiritual lives of a lot of us because well, we’re addicted to spiritual sugar. Too many of us are event Christians; ...

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Bible Bloating - #5073
You're not supposed to just factualize what God says, you're supposed to actualize what God says by consciously putting it into practice in some part of your life today. You are reading to change!