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True Woman: Abortion: Not an Option Anymore
Abortion was wrong in my parents’ eyes, until it became their daughter that was pregnant.


True Woman: “Life Meant Nothing to Me”
Meet Stacey Smith and several other prison inmates. You’ll be amazed at how God can change everything about drug addicts, murderers, those who want to take their own life, criminals of any kind . . . you, and me!


True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Unpredictable Emotions
Thanks for voting! The most votes went to Stacey Smith’s workshop, “Unpredictable Emotions” and Bob Lepine’s workshop, “Food, Beauty, and Control—Three Snares Women Face.” (How did you ladies know I needed to attend these workshops?!)


True Woman Blog: Prisons of the Heart
Meet Stacey Smith, an ex-convict who is now ministering to women in—and out of—prison. As she says in this video, there isn’t a huge difference, as all women have prisons of the heart that they need to be—and can be!—freed from.