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Is the Church Unhealthy?
Do you think the Church is as unhealthy as people say it is? There seems to be an increasing...

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Digital media changes in 10 years. How do we adapt? Helpful infographic.
Even a year is a long time in digital and social media. Where will we be digitally in 2014? 2015? How can we keep up to speed? Adapt and change? Use the tools that are being given to us? What are the biggest digital challenges and questions you face? For your non-profit, ministry or church?

In the last minute, all this happened on the Web: infographic
Amazing figures you can quote to point up the use of digital media, from these two infographics…

World maps showing population/ip addresses, and Facebook friendships
Interesting world map compares population with IP addresses (click to see full size).

Amazing stats for how people use the digital media
The world-changing spread of the Web are charted on this interactive world map displaying figures from 1998 to 2008. For more interative maps from Charts Bin on a range of statistical developments, including web users, mobile subscribers, and many social trends.

Why people go online. Valuable interactive piechart and stats from Ruder Finn research
Public relations and communiciations consultancy group Ruder Finn offers some revealing and valuable figures under the heading Intent is the New Demographic. This is displayed using an interactive pie-chart. By default, this opens as a simplified summary with the option to click on different demographic groups: Men, Women, Youth, Seniors, or All. Click on the ‘full index’ link on that page, and you get a more complex piechart with subdivisions, but which (as far as I understand) represents the ‘All’ percentages broken into subdivision categories.

Internet usage worldwide and the opportunity for missions to use the Web
Internet World Stats now provide a page with all the world’s countries, along with population, internet users, and internet penetration. Here are their Top 10 languages used online. Check their links and discussion of methodology at the foot of that page. Few analysts seem to calculate language use after the top ten. The only source I know of is Wikipedia’s Top 34 languages listing. Satellite company O3b Networks has linked up with Google and other investors to bring cheaper, high-speed wireless Internet access to areas unlikely to see investments in fiber infrastructure. O3b stands for “other 3 billion”, a reference to the world’s population that still can’t access the Internet. O3b, which is based in UK’s Channel Islands, said construction is under way on 16 satellites that will drop the cost for ISPs and operators to provide Internet access over 3G (third-generation) and WiMax networks. Read more.

Facebook, social networking and the Christian good news
“Just in case you needed further confirmation that blogs, social networks, and games are overtaking everything else on the ‘Net, Nielsen has released its latest statistics,” says Matthew Lasar in Aars Technica.

Lausanne World Pulse - Ministerial Leadership: 2005-2040
Assessing the demographics and trends of ministers and church leadership is important to caring for the future of the Church in the United Kingdom.

Lausanne World Pulse - Assessing the Consequences of Preaching to a Larger Audience
In 1900 the ratio of evangelist to hearer of the gospel was 2:1. Today it is 6:1. This is greatly impacting Christianity.

Lausanne World Pulse - An Overview of Eastern Africa
Saddled with debt and riddled with corruption, the countries in Eastern Africa today are broken and impoverished, with half to three-quarters of their people living in poverty.