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Helping students get to church - StudentSoul.org
An article on helping students get to church from the Chapter Building section of InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org.


Spotlight - StudentSoul.org
Spotlight is a place to share stories, essays and ideas on InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org.


InterViews - StudentSoul.org
Interviews from InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org.


Good Question - StudentSoul.org
The "Good Question" section of InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org site. Find real questions asked by real people.


Home page - StudentSoul.org
Home page for InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org a place for conversation about lively faith, real relationships and life on a college campus.


InterVarsity Ministries - InterVarsity.org
Links to the different ministries that are a part of InterVarsity.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA - Home page - InterVarsity.org
USA Home page for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, "an evangelical campus mission serving more than 35,000 students and faculty on more than 560 college and university campuses nationwide.