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Christian research studies and dissertations on Internet, church and evangelism
Wise insightful research is a pre-requisite to action: Nehemiah 2:11-18. Without concrete information, we are often just guessing and ‘flying without radar’. A growing number of people have done research into the relationship between the Internet, the church, and evangelism-related subjects. Not all of us are called to either write, or read, such in-depth material. Yet the concept of research in the Christian world is very important. Without facts and figures, or understanding of trends, we cannot plan strategy or anything else.


Impact Eternity: self-study and group-study mission challenge course
A self-study and group-study course from a partnership of major mission groups. See the challenge of the needs of the world, and your place in it. Other groups offer similar material: there is a distance learning missions course Kingdom Expansion 101, and for face-to-face courses on world mission, see the Kairos and Perspectives courses. Check our training page for other online courses on evangelism, ministry and communication.


Book review: Reaching the Community with Church Websites, by Ceri Longville. Free ebook
Ceri Longville, a student at Redcliffe Bible College in Gloucester UK, has published her college dissertation on church websites. Having been involved in church web development, Ceri saw the clear need for research. This free e-book is a valuable insight into the potential for making church sites truly ‘outsider friendly’.


Book review: Damaris study guides
Damaris are a leading Christian ‘culture-watch’ group who help Christians and non-Christians understand developments in contemporary culture. Their resources also include material for teachers and youth-workers, books and evangelistic CDs.


Facing the Challenge: free study courses for Christians on engaging with the world around us
These acclaimed group-study courses are available as free downloads, or by post. Although intended for group study and discussion, you can also use them for personal study. The course ‘Facing the Challenge of our Times’ is thoroughly biblical in outlook and demonstrates how we are mandated to relate to the culture around us. Other courses cover TV, other faiths, and relating to a hostile world.


Open letter to bible college and seminary principals, deans of studies, course administrators
This letter explains the strategic significance of teaching digital ministry in colleges.


"Study" "Approved" in the Bible: 2 Timothy 2:14-16
The NIV renders "Study" as "Do your best" in this passage about avoiding godless chatter. These verses say that we should present ourselves to God as one approved and to avoid needless arguments about words.


Study in the Bible: John 5:37-40
Can knowledge of the Bible save us? Not according to this passage, where it's made clear that just knowing the Scriptures isn't enough to find salvation. It's possible to have a head full of knowledge but a heart that's closed to God.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Thousand Teachers - #3823
Now looking at everyone you meet as someone from whom you learn something, that's an outlook that can make you a millionaire - spiritually, intellectually, emotionally. Our word for today from the Word of God actually defines major differences between a wise person and foolish person.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - People Sweetener - #3861
Now, if you've been around the Jesus life very long, you've heard plenty about the importance of daily Bible reading, devotions, quiet time and so on. For some, that's a part of a list of spiritual duties and it's one that is often neglected, frankly. Will all of those who have difficulty maintaining a consistent Bible reading time, would you please raise your hand right now? Okay, oh - hands are going up all over the place! Well, there are plenty of us! This has got to be something more than an entry on your list of Christian chores.