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"Teacher" in the Bible: Ephesians 4:11-13
God has called some among the church to be teachers, to train and disciple their fellow believers. Their goal is to prepare the church for acts of service and evangelism.


Teachers in the Bible: James 3:1-2
James' cautionary words to would-be leaders in this passage warn them that the role of spiritual and church leader is not something that most believers are cut out to do. A leadership position requires real maturity in the faith, and a willingness to accept the increased responsibilities that comes with leadership.


Leadership in the Bible: Romans 12:7-8
Whatever it is we do in life, whether it's lofty or humble, the Bible makes it clear that we're to do it with honor and diligence. Leaders and teachers here are exhorted to carry out their tasks with integrity.


"Teach" in the Bible: James 3:1
The Bible holds teachers in high esteem, as seen by the high standards it requires of people who are in teaching and leadership positions.


LWP - For the Race Set before Us: Training and the Church
The author discusses the importance of training Christians to be authentic followers of Jesus as a pathway for the Church to accomplish its mission in the world.


D.L. Moody : Christ All in All
CHRIST is all in all to every one who has truly found Him. He is our Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Shepherd, Teacher, and also sustains toward us many more offices, to which I desire to call your attention...


Volunteers: How to Fire Them
A volunteer is ineffective and either won't or can't learn new skills. The youth under her are turning off spiritually. What can you do?


Volunteers: Evaluation Form
Adapt this form to fit your small group goals and style and use it to evaluate the effectiveness of your teachers and help them sharpen their gifts.


Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Tools for Evaluating Gifts and Abilities
Several tools for evaluating leaders' gifts and abilities are described and evaluated.


Youth Speakers: Finding the Right One
How to find and maximize the effectiveness of the speakers you bring in to minister to your youth group. Veteran youth speaker Michael Holt tells you how.