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Living Between Trapezes - #6791
If you're in between trapezes right now, remember, this is a terrible place to lose your concentration. Bloom where you're planted. Be all you can be right where you are. Actually that's the best way to get safely to the destination that you want so much.


Black Friday Battles - #6750
I love this high tribute to David, the "man after God's own heart." It says, "He fights the Lord's battles" (1 Samuel 25:28). After all, those are the only ones worth fighting.


Unseen - a Christian perspective
We're to focus our thoughts and attention not on the physical things of this world, but on spiritual goals. It's what is unseen that God is most concerned about--not our wealth or possessions.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Not a Destination - #4081
f you belong to Jesus Christ, you could look around your world right now and make that same observation. "This is a nice place - but this is not a destination!" See, once you've gotten a glimpse of eternity through your relationship with Christ, earth and earth-stuff should never look the same - never mean the same. This is not where we end up.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Your Visa And Your Passport - #3932
It makes no sense to build yourself this big empire in a place where you've only got a temporary visa. Sadly, many of God's people are making that very mistake - and neglecting to invest seriously in the place that's really home - where their spiritual passport is from.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Trouble With Sandcastles - #8054
I guess you could define sandcastle this way—something you put a lot of effort into that doesn’t last—like a relationship maybe, a career, a marriage, a goal that meant a lot to you. Maybe you’ve watched the tide take out something that you put a lot into. You know that makes us keenly aware of our need for something—well actually, Someone that you can’t lose.