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Being Thankful for Sports
The day of Thanksgiving can mean a number of things for those of us in the United States. For...

Why celebrate Thanksgiving?
Those of us in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving in just a few days. Unlike Christmas...

Being Thankful Every Day
When's the last time you gave thanks for the simple things in life? If you're like me,...

Finding a Christian perspective on Black Friday, holiday sales, and yet another commercialized Christmas
Brace yourselves for Black Friday! In a sign that the holiday season is finally and officially...

Reflecting Christ's generosity amidst the holiday shopping madness
Today's devotional is a short but appropriate challenge to us as we prepare to celebrate...

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Gratitude: The Attitude that Transforms
Embrace the attitude of gratitude and discover that the world looks different through the eyes of thankfulness.

Blessing of Thorns Small Group Devotional
This creative small group plan corresponds with the "Blessings of Thorns" radio series and CD drama, and will provide your small group with a meaningful Thanksgiving time together.

Blessing of Thorns Family Devotional Plan
This creative family devotional plan corresponds with the "Blessings of Thorns" radio series and CD drama, and will provide your family with an unforgettable Thanksgiving holiday together.

An Interview on Gratitude with Barbara Rainey
Nancy interviews Barbara Rainey, author of Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember. Barbara shares about her life and about the importance of cultivating an atmosphere of thankfulness.

Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln established the official national holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863 with this passionate plea for a national acknowledgment of God's blessings.

A Week of Thanksgiving
Developing the habit of thankfulness may require some practice! Here are some practical suggestions for devoting one week to practicing thankfulness.

Revive Our Hearts: Choosing Gratitude
Gratitude doesn’t come naturally to anyone, but it can be developed by practice. Barbara Rainey learned this while researching the Thanksgiving holiday. She and Nancy Leigh DeMoss will show you why practicing the discipline of gratitude will give you a greater sense of joy and peace.

Revive Our Hearts: Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember (An Interview with Barbara Rainey)
With stores putting up Christmas displays as early as August, Thanksgiving is a holiday that can almost be overlooked. Nancy welcomes her friend Barbara Rainey to talk about this important holiday and how we can intentionally celebrate it within our families.

Revive Our Hearts: The Blessing of Thorns
Have you ever thanked God for the thorns in your life? Nancy shows how our afflictions can be the tool God uses to make us like Jesus.

How to Go From the Basement to the Penthouse - #6064
One of the secrets of peace in the midst of great stress, of poise when everything is up for grabs, of perspective when you could be freaking out - the secret is to start celebrating the kind of God you have. Remember, you enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise, not just with prayer requests. The great prayers of the Bible are like two-thirds about the greatness of God and maybe one-third about the need.