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Have you ever read a Bible passage in its original language?
If you're an evangelical churchgoer, chances are you're familiar with the Sunday morning...

Updated NIV coming to on November 1!
Our sister site has some big news to report: the updated New International...

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Watch Eugene Peterson talk about storytelling [video]
Storytelling, in its many and various outworkings, is vital in effective communication. If you've got 30 minutes spare this week, come back to this page and take time to learn from Eugene Peterson (Bible translator, The Message) talking to Dean Nelson about stories, the Bible, and more.

Smugglers and roses. Avoiding christianese jargon & bible translation problems
In UK, we have a builders merchants called Travis Perkins. They are a great place to buy timber and other materials, and doubtless a business of the utmost probity, named after two companies that merged. But it is interesting to consider the hidden color, the resonance, in this name. No word exists in a vacuum. Words only have life because they create an image in our minds. And this image, different for each of us, will be an amalgam of our previous personal experience plus an overlay from our history and culture.

The Crown of English Bibles | Christian History Institute
The King James Version was the culmination of 200 turbulent years of Bible translation. From Christian history magazine.

True Woman: LIVE from Indy: Going Behind the Scenes; Going Global
At 9 a.m., a few of us from the Revive Our Hearts team met in room 309 of the Westin. Over breakfast, we gave our friends from the Dominican Republic the go-ahead to begin translating and airing Nancy’s radio program in Santo Domingo, making it our inaugural start in Spanish broadcasting!

King James Bible did not capitalize pronouns referring to divinity
Most modern Bible translations do not capitalize personal pronouns referring to God. Interestingly, King James Bibles never did this either – it was a later invention. This page from a 1634 version (only 23 years after the KJV was first published) shows that clearly.

The Word in Your Native Tongue
Some encouraging numbers from Lausanne World Pulse about the number of languages into which the Bible has been translated around the world.

The Luke Partnership: A First Step in Evangelism, Church Planting, and Descipleship
The Luke Partnership includes: the translation of Luke’s Gospel (usually published in both print and audio form), the JESUS film (based on the Gospel of Luke), and further Old and New Testament selections.

The Message [Num. Ed. Pers Sz Burgundy]: Eugene H. Peterson

World Missions Atlas Project - Central Asia
Overview Maps of the region depicting Evangelical Christianity Status, Bible Translation, Jesus Film Translation, and links to missiological country information.

WorldMap - Your Strategic World Missions Resource - Maps of Bible Translation, Languages,
Our mission is comprehensive: To create maps of languages and people groups for each country of the world while linking appropriate missions related data. The translation status of the Bible and Jesus film is evaluated for each country. Seminaries have created profiles of each country as well.