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A Shattered Trophy - #6677
The failure of our other "gods" points the way to the true God that we were made by and made for. The God Jesus died to reunite us with. If you're tired of the disappointment and dissatisfaction, your heart is ready for Jesus; the Savior who died for you, who rose again from the dead, who's ready to come into your life and fill the hole only He can fill.


Your Daily Dig - #6359
You don't get the treasure out of an archeological site by the shovelful. You find it in those little spoonfuls. It's the same with treasure from God's life-changing Word. Slow down, take your time, and get all the treasure you can from your daily dig into the truth of Almighty God.


Treasure in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus told us that where our treasure is our heart would be. He urged us to actively work to store our treasure in heaven rather than earth because treasure on earth can be destroyed, whereas treasure in heaven cannot.


Treasure in the Bible: Matthew 6:19-21
What do you consider your "treasure," your most valued possession? This passage warns us not to place too much value on physical possessions, which won't be around forever. Rather, we're to place our hopes and focus on spiritual matters, which can't be taken from us by thieves or the passage of time.