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Have you ever heard a "pulpit exaggeration"?
Have you ever heard a preacher exaggerate from the pulpit, or say something during a sermon that,...

Today's Devotional: Running From God
Have you ever tried to hide from God? The first actions of Adam and Eve after the fall were to...

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How do I discover the TRUTH? - Faith Facts
We all believe in something. Not believing in anything is believing in something, though it may be incorrect. Scripture itself instructs us to test all things. Truth is there to be discovered based on the strongest available evidence. Take a look!

If it feels good for me isn't it right? - Faith Facts
Are feelings always reliable? Or do they change? Could they also be dangerous? Read further for the need for transcendent moral truth.

Aren't all religions the same? Is Christ the only way to God? - Faith Facts
There are irreconcilable conflicts between Christianity and other religions. Christianity alone makes provision for man's basic need—the forgiveness of sin. Examine Jesus' claims of deity as well as examine Christianity's truth claims.

Why do you believe in moral absolutes? - Faith Facts
The idea of NO absolutes is often expressed today with the word tolerance. Tolerance, in today's usage, proposes that all ideas are morally equivalent—that truth is relative. The Bible makes it very clear that God sets moral laws—the standards of right and wrong. Read more....

The Practice of Godliness: Jerry Bridges
Character is sadly lacking in our society today—and in the church. Here's a foundation to build on.

Faith Facts: Using reason and evidence to promote Biblical Christianity
Is there such a thing as absolute truth? What about evolution and world religions such as Islam? What is our purpose in life? How do we get to heaven? Get answers using reason and evidence to examine religion.

Honesty: Silence Is Not Always Golden
Few things are as destructive as hiding sin from others. The Bible records many hardships that resulted from people who tried to cover up their sins. Since it is within our nature to put on a good front, being honest can be difficult. Nancy gives a good reminder of the importance of honesty.

Lies Women Believe About Sin
These talks from Nancy will help you begin to see and understand the seriousness of sin and the power of Calvary to set you free. Womanhood

Lies Women Believe About Themselves
Nancy exposes a number of lies that place women in bondage and shows you how to counter those lies with the Truth that will set you free. Womanhood

Lies Women Believe About God
Nancy continues her look at some of the lies women believe, focusing in these programs about the myths we hold about God, such as, “God doesn’t love me,” “God is just like my father,” and “God’s ways are too restrictive.” Womanhood