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Short story: need for evangelism to unchurched + unreached peoples
An allegory on seeking non-seekers - Emlyn and the Far Pools. Available in text and animated video cartoon for free download and creative commons re-use.

Don't use insider Christian religious jargon
Three funny but serious video clips highlight the importance of avoiding 'Christianese' jargon.

Reaching the unchurched - short story about cutting edge soul winning: Emlyn & the Far Pools
“I wish there were more,” said Emlyn to his family, as he brought his fish-catch into the house. After all, the whole village depended on fish. It was even a requirement of the landlord that the village should catch sufficient fish for market. Only then would it grow and prosper.

Free e-book: How to Think Like an Unchurched Person, by Pastor Bob Franquiz
What is it like to visit a church for the first time as an outsider? Bob Franquiz is a pastor who had never visited a synagogue before. He applies his experience to helping first-time visitors, both on a church website and when they arrive in person, in this useful 6-page PDF e-book.

Evangelism: The Keys to Cultural Revelance
If you reach unchurched students where they are but don't have a culturally sensitive ministry to assimilate them into, you'll never keep them. Here's how ministries are reaching and keeping unchurched teens in post-Christian England.

Evangelism and Assimilation
Evangelism is an offensive or frightening word to some; that shouldn't be the case. Discover tools that allow you to influence others for Christ by using your own God-given gifts, find out how to "close the back door" to your church and keep people coming, learn how to get ready for company, & more.