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Luis Palau Evangelistic Association
Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

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Finding a Christian answer to poverty
What is poverty? What does it mean to live in poverty—who does it affect? Is poverty "just"...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Transforming Slums: Will We Hear the Cries of One Billion People?
Today's slums collectively hold one billion of the earth's people. They need to hear the gospel.

CSM New York City Highlight
CSM New York has just finished wrapping up a busy summer season…and is looking forward to another busy year! We spent our second summer in New York welcoming 34 different youth groups to the city and partnering them with over 30 different organizations in New York.

CSM Nashville Highlight
Good food, good conversation, stellar entertainment. These are the makings for an amazing evening, by anyone’s standards. Who would expect to find these elements under a bridge?

CSM Philadelphia Highlight
The holidays are a very busy time for many people. There’s so much to do, so many people to see and lots of places to go. No one knows that better than the staff and volunteers at MANNA, an organization that provides meals to anyone who is nutritionally at risk in the Philadelphia area.

CSM Toronto Highlight
CSM is about seeing lives transformed – the people in the city of Toronto we work with, the lives of the group members who come serve, the leaders who bring them, and also the staff who serve alongside the groups in each trip.

CSM Washington DC Highlight
One of the highlights of the spring of 2008 in DC is our spring staff. We have two wonderful young ladies serving as spring interns.

CSM Chicago Highlight
Back in 2006 Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley announced a 10 year plan to end chronic homelessness. My first reaction to hearing that was, “Yeah right.” While I would love for the problem of homelessness to end here in Chicago, it seems like an insurmountable task to take on.

Lausanne World Pulse - Urban Youth Adventures: Winnipeg’s North End
Investing in the lives of youths in the poor neighborhoods of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Lausanne World Pulse - Hochma: A Different Way to Plant a Church with the Urban Poor
Establishing a community rooted in discipleship and integral mission oriented to the re-establishment of human dignity for the most marginalized

Lausanne World Pulse - Introduction: Ministry with the Urban Poor in Nordic Climates
In Nordic cultures all over the Northern Hemisphere there are urban poor living in substandard situations facing harsh climatic conditions.