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International Health Care
In Matthew 25 Jesus tasks his followers to take care of "the least of these" and later in...

Water and Life
One of the things I take for granted in this life is the ability to go to the faucet, turn it on,...

World Water Day and the challenge of providing clean water around the world
When's the last time you had to worry about where you would find drinkable water? For most people...

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Faucet Fascination - #6449
Step up to a wonderful new security, one that can peacefully accept the loss of any "faucet" in your life. Because it was only a means that God came through.

The Trouble With Wells - #6389
Jesus wants to make you secure by putting your life source inside you. He is enough. You're meant to draw your life from inside you, not from around you. The key to peace, the end of roller coaster living, is to depend on the spring of water welling up inside of you. And that's the identity Christ can give you.

Saturated But Not Strong - #6363
You know, maybe it's time now for us to see that our roots need to be growing, not just our leaves. Do you know some things about the Lord that you didn't know a month ago? Have you given Him some new ground that He didn't have a month ago? Are you praying in fresh, new ways? Are you going by the book and not by your feelings?

Electric safety in baptism pools: electrocution danger for pastor or leader in church baptistry
Never, ever, use a wired microphone in a baptismal pool. A recent case in Texas is only the latest of a long series of tragedies around the world, with church leaders being electrocuted in pools. Even a normally harmless leakage of stray volts into a microphone is lethal when a person is immersed in water.

Faucet Fascination - #2900
God is your Reservoir - and He never dries up. So don't sweat the faucet. Your Father has lots of ways to see that you have what you need.

Water and baptism - a Christian perspective
This passage describes the significance of baptism--it's a symbol of the spiritual cleansing that we receive when we submit ourselves to Jesus, and a sign that we are dedicating ourselves to God's service.

Agreement in the Bible - a Christian perspective
John writes that the water, spirit and blood are in agreement and all three testify to that fact. And while we might accept man's testimony about Jesus, God's is so much greater.

Living waters in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Salvation through Jesus Christ is often described as "living water"--it gives us life, restores us to spiritual health, and keeps us strong throughout our days.

"Garden" in the Bible: Isaiah 58:11
God provides spiritual nourishment to His followers, who grow in maturity as a result, just as a garden blooms when it's connected to a good supply of water. Plant and water metaphors are often used to describe our dependence on God, and the growth we experience when we're connected to Him.

"Spring" in the Bible: Isaiah 58:11
Water imagery is common in the Bible as a metaphor for God's restoring power. Here, the image of a fresh spring evokes the spiritual cleansing and renewal that God brings to His people.