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The General | Christian History Institute
William Booth was born in economic and spiritual poverty, yet he founded a worldwide organization dedicated to their eradication. From Christian History magazine.


Greg Gordon : A Vision Of Hell
Right now if we could put a megaphone into hell we would hear a resounded message “send!”. When a soul realizes that he cannot be freed from such torment his immediate plea is for his family, friends, neibours to be warned of such a place. In Luke 16 we see the story of the Rich man and Lazarus...


The Call To Preach - General William Booth
How can anybody with spiritual eyesight talk of having no call, when there are such multitudes around them who never hear a word about God, and never intend to; who can never hear, indeed, without the sort of preacher who will force himself upon them? Can a man keep right in his own soul, who can se


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