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Today's Devotional: Two Kinds of Wisdom
Marvin Williams of Our Daily Journey writes that there are two kinds of wisdom outlined in James...

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When was the last time you struggled with a major life decision? The Bible is clear in...

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Avoiding a Fall On Slippery Ground - #5761
Remember, many spiritual falls have one simple cause - carelessness. You have to pay attention where you're stepping. And in Jude 24 you also have an awesome promise of God to claim wherever you are. "He is able to keep you from falling."

Might in the Bible - a Christian perspective
King Solomon writes that we should do whatever our hands find with all of our might, because when we are dead we are dead. There's no more opportunity for work, knowledge or wisdom.

Embrace in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Those who embrace wisdom (that "her" mentioned in this verse) will find it, and will be rewarded with life.

Magic in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Daniel was considered wiser than all the kings magicians and enchanters. Their magic was nothing compared to the wisdom God have given Daniel.

Seek wisdom - a Christian perspective
The attitude with which we seek after wisdom affects whether or not we will be successful. This proverb teaches that careful discernment will uncover the answers we seek, but mockery and a scornful attitude will not.

"Wise" in the Bible: Proverbs 1:1-6
This introduction to the book of Proverbs establishes that these, Solomon's proverbs, are intended to educate us and point out the way to true wisdom. Young or old, wise or foolish, we grow in spiritual maturity as we follow these adages.

Happiness in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 2:24-26
How do we find happiness in life? Not by pursuing wealth, fame, and pleasure, as the author of this passage learns to his chagrin. After chasing after life's distractions in search of happiness, he learns that true happiness comes from God, who bestows it on those who follow Him.

Health in the Bible: Proverbs 3:1-35
This passage describes the many benefits of godly wisdom. While some of these benefits are spiritual, many are physical, including health. This is a good reminder that followers of God are called to employ wisdom in all aspects of their life, and can expect that God will provide for them in very practical ways.

Study in the Bible: John 5:37-40
Can knowledge of the Bible save us? Not according to this passage, where it's made clear that just knowing the Scriptures isn't enough to find salvation. It's possible to have a head full of knowledge but a heart that's closed to God.

"Lacks Wisdom" in the Bible: James 1:5
James tells us that if any of us is without wisdom all we need to do is ask and God will give it to us. God, as James says, gives generously to all regardless of who they are.