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True Woman Blog: Betty Boop Man-Training Kit
There's nothing unusual about the idea that scantily clad Betty would use her seductive charm and kisses to "train" a man. The classic Betty Boop, and women throughout history, have used that tact. But the other message on the box was startling.


True Woman blog: Mr. Right When You Need Him
"Mr. Right When You Need Him" promises to be a woman's consistent supporter in an inconsistent world, her number-one protector, and her first and foremost fan. And that is the desire of a woman's heart, isn't it?


True Woman Blog: Christ—Our Valiant Warrior!
The True Woman Conferences are designed to serve a greater purpose than just a great weekend with friends (which we hope attendees will experience), but its purpose is to inspire, equip, and prepare women to live out God's calling on their lives in the midst of a culture that presents a very unbiblical picture of womanhood.


True Woman Blog: Outrunning the Guys!
Struggling against God's design will leave you wounded and confused, wondering what went wrong. God had something much better in mind for women when He gave them life.


True Woman Blog: The incalculable impact of one woman
Be encouraged wherever you are serving today, as Pastor Voddie Bauchum reminds us that there is no role that is too small for God to use to impact the Kingdom!


True Woman Blog: A Book on the Beach . . .
. . . That’s just one of the many reasons it gives me great pleasure to announce the just-released book, Voices of the True Woman Movement. Pull up a chair (or sit down on the corner of my beach towel), and let’s turn the never-before-opened cover and take a glance inside.


True Woman Blog: Wear the Pants MAN-ifesto
Men are not women. They are not genderless. They are not androgynous. They have an innate, God-given bent to initiate and be heroes. They want to untie the world from the tracks of complacency. They want to get their hands dirty. They want to answer the call of manhood. They want to be MEN . . . and what’s more, they want women to be women.


True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: Cross-cultural Women
True women of God are . . . well, strange! Learn why as Janet Parshall discusses the three hallmarks of these women that are so antithetical to the culture.


True Woman Blog: Liz on "Voices": Biblical womanhood is for singles, too!
"I am no less of a woman in my singleness, and when I embrace God’s purpose in my singleness rather than resenting it, I am able to display trust in a sovereign God to the world around me. This type of trust will reveal much about God’s character to the world around me: 'Therefore, a single woman who lives with that final day in view, and finds Christ to be her all in all here, says something very powerfully and very clearly about her Savior.'”


True Woman Blog: Dawn on “Voices”: A Conversation After Swim Class
It didn’t take long for an opportunity to share some of what I learned with a woman after a swim class. Leslie’s mom was a Feminist, and Leslie had obviously absorbed much of the Feminist philosophy into her life. A lesbian in a relationship that she admitted was “not satisfying,” Leslie said she didn't think she could relate to the biblical model of womanhood.