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True Woman Blog: Laura on "Voices": I can be useful to Him?!
"That I could be useful to God in my circle of influence was beyond my comprehension . . ."


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise Intro: A Tale of a Girl Gone Wild
The Girl-Gone-Wild could be the girl next door, your best friend, or the lady sitting next to you at church . . . she may even be you!


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 1: Have you been swept off your feet?
Did you know that you can tell the difference between a Girl-Gone-Wild and a Girl-Gone-Wise by looking at her feet?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 2: Deadened by the Drip Drip Drip
Popular mass media perpetually drips messages about gender, sex, and relationships into our minds. The trouble is, it often promotes false or counterfeit images of what womanhood is all about.


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 4: That Girl’s Got Attitude!
Pop culture upholds a saucy, sassy, my-way-or-the-highway, karate-chopping, male-kicking attitude as the ideal for women.


True Woman Blog: Say "I Do" to the Name Change
Why should you say “I do” to changing your name when you get married?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 5: Tied to the Kitchen Sink?
Does God doom women to a barefoot, tied-to-the-kitchen-sink existence?


True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 9: Who Wears the Pants?
Anything guys can do, girls can do better. Right? Well maybe-maybe not. But according to the Bible, roles aren’t based on who’s more capable or competent, or whose turn it is, or who wants to have a go at it.


True Woman Blog: Powerful Women
If you study the history of feminism, much of the rhetoric centers around women's sense of powerlessness or the perception that they have less "power" than men. But is that an accurate perception?


True Woman Blog: True Womanhood Looks Like . . . Christ!
It’s easy to get hung up on trying to meet a long list of criteria, and miss the most basic thing. As Pastor Voddie Bauchum shares in this video, true womanhood looks like . . . Christ!