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Evangelistic Women from Stonecroft Ministries
In the 1930's Helen Baugh hosted a dinner where the gospel of Christ was presented in a loving...

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Ruth: The Transforming Power of Redeeming Love
This series will help you discover the transforming power of Christ’s love, which is able to meet your need in every season and situation of life. of the Bible

Rescue the Perishing
You won't want to miss this moving story of how God rescued one young woman and her unborn son. On Friday, you'll hear a message Nancy gave at her annual banquet of her local Pregnancy Care Center.

Ragman, the Ragman, the Christ!
A compelling, dramatic reading.

Jesus: Our Source of Blessing
The concept of blessing and cursing runs throughout the Word of God. Nancy examines this theme as it is woven throughout the story of God’s love for us and Christ’s redemption on the cross.

Grace for Aging: A Conversation with Evelyn Christenson
Evelyn Christenson looks back over moments of suffering in her life and reflects on God's help through these times. Now in her 80s, she models trust in God for every season of life and a desire to never stop growing and learning.

Crying Out
Where do you go when there’s no where or no one to turn to? Nancy talks about one of the most powerful principles in God’s Word—crying out to the Lord.

My Heart Is in His Hands
This week Nancy welcomes as her guest a woman who has had a tremendous influence on her life. Vonette Bright shares how women can have an intimate and fruitful walk with God. Plus, she talks about dealing with the challenges of widowhood, and what she’s learned about heaven.

Don't Lose Heart
Is there a problem or hardship in your life? Nancy shares truths from God's Word that will encourage you to keep going and not lose heart.

Gift of Suffering: An Interview With Bunny Wilson
Bunny Wilson joins Nancy to share how physical suffering has taught her to trust the ways and heart of God.

What to Do When Life Hurts
When someone hurts us, our first reaction is to hurt them back. In this series from the book of 1 Peter, find out how you can make it through the painful circumstances of life and how having God's Word ingrained in your heart makes all the difference.