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Evangelistic Women from Stonecroft Ministries
In the 1930's Helen Baugh hosted a dinner where the gospel of Christ was presented in a loving...

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Wars and Rumors of Wars
War, rumors of war, frightening headlines, overwhelming circumstances—none of these things shake the faith of Christians who remember that God is in control. Jesus promised that tribulation and persecution would come, and He is the One who can give us the strength to face our struggles.

Storm Shelter: Finding Safety and Strength in God's Arms
Perhaps you've had the feeling that your life took a wrong turn. You thoughts you had understood God's plan for your life, and then the problems came. Whether you're struggling with a difficult situation or just looking for assurance that God is in control, you'll find help and hope.

Under His Wings
Join Nancy as she reminds us that the storms of life can press us closer to God.

His Healing Touch
Nancy uses the example of the desperate women in Mark 5 to explain how it is possible to gain hope in Christ and experience the reality of His healing touch.

Biblical Response to America's Tragedy
Nancy shares with listeners how to find hope in the midst of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Finding God In The Desert
Learn how God can use the desert experiences to build endurance in your life.

Enduring Life's Most Difficult Moments
Fifty years ago, five young missionaries were savagely killed as they tried to establish communication with the Auca Indians of Ecuador. Nancy shares a message on endurance from Elisabeth Elliot, whose husband, Jim, was killed. She also welcomes guest Steve Saint, son of one of the missionaries.

How To Have a Quiet Heart--Psalm 131
How can you have a quiet heart in the midst of a busy life, throughout pain and turmoil? Nancy points to just three verses in Psalm 131 that list three heart attitudes--humility, simplicity, and quietness--that will help you trust in the Lord no matter what you're going through.

Surviving--And Thriving--Through Suffering
Breast cancer—it’s a tough subject to discuss, but many women have to face it, whether for themselves or a loved one. Nancy welcomes Margaret Ashmore, a breast cancer survivor, and breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Sally Knox, to discuss how God can use this dreaded disease to transform a woman.

Dealing With Depression and Doubt
Have you ever felt like you were out in the stormy sea? That you couldn't make it back to shore? Nancy shares from the Psalms as she offers hope for the storms of life as you learn to lean on God alone