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Evangelistic Women from Stonecroft Ministries
In the 1930's Helen Baugh hosted a dinner where the gospel of Christ was presented in a loving...

Some Advice to Both Sides of the Women in Ministry Debate
Jonalyn Grace Fincher's blog is consistently deep. She's not one to write light and fluffy pieces...

The scandalous women in Jesus' genealogy
How much do you know about the women in Jesus' genealogy? While many Bible studies focus on the...

The Semantic Game of Women in Ministry
Out of Ur has begun posting a series of videos about the different viewpoints on women in...

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Women: Porn and masturbation Recovery - XXXchurch
We acknowledge and understand that many women struggle with pornography. There are thousands of other women who have been through what you have and there are thousands who are dealing with it right now. We know we do not have all the answers but we hope that you can find community and some starting points for help and healing on this site.

Ruth and Esther : A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Ruth & Esther - Be inspired by studying the lives of these two Old Testament heroines. Is God really sovereign? Can individual people make a difference in His world?

Becoming a Woman of Prayer: Cynthia Heald
God designed women to seek Him in all they do. This Bible study will encourage you to become a woman whose life is characterized by constant conversation with God. But intimacy with God is His idea.

Becoming a Woman of Purpose: Cynthia Heald
CREATED FOR HIS PURPOSES. If your goals and success leave you feeling unsatisfied, use this study to gain a better understanding of God's purpose for your life—to love and serve Him.

Becoming a Woman of Freedom: Cynthia Heald
If you feel like your Christian life is weighing you down, this Bible study will give you a second wind and help you identify and lay aside those burdens that make you feel "stuck." RUN THE RACE TO FREEDOM

Becoming a Woman of Excellence: Cynthia Heald
This best-selling Bible study has helped over one million women understand who God designed them to be. Discover the freedom you have to serve and please God. A Goal Worth Pursuing.

Rewriting Your Emotional Script: Becky Harling
Rewriting Your Emotional Script Erase Old Messages, Embrace New Attitudes Get a Beatitude Adjustment Women with troubled pasts are often poor in spirit and mourning.

Ms. Understood: Jen Hatmaker
Ms. Understood Rebuilding the Feminine Equation Who God Says You Are? Five women named in Jesus' lineage to help define a daughter of Christ.

LWP - “Sent to Preach the Gospel”: Christians for Biblical Equality 2008 Conference
CBE conference focuses on the issue of gender and missions, particularly on the challenges Christian men and women face as they work together on mission fields around the world.

The Whole Life Adoption Book: Jayne E. Schooler and Thomas C. Atwood
The Whole Life Adoption Book Realistic Advice for Building a Healthy Adoptive Family Recommended by the National Council for Adoption, this powerful book addresses the needs and concerns facing adoptive parents, offering encouragement for the journey ahead.