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Evangelistic Women from Stonecroft Ministries
In the 1930's Helen Baugh hosted a dinner where the gospel of Christ was presented in a loving...

Some Advice to Both Sides of the Women in Ministry Debate
Jonalyn Grace Fincher's blog is consistently deep. She's not one to write light and fluffy pieces...

The scandalous women in Jesus' genealogy
How much do you know about the women in Jesus' genealogy? While many Bible studies focus on the...

The Semantic Game of Women in Ministry
Out of Ur has begun posting a series of videos about the different viewpoints on women in...

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Miss Match: Erynn Mangum
Miss Match A Lauren Holbrook Novel Will Lauren finally decide that God's plan is always good enough?

Match Point: Erynn Mangum
Match Point A Lauren Holbrook Novel Revenge should be as sweet as a mocha latte. Receiving end of the matchmaking. Lauren realizes she's in love.

LWP - The Generations Project: Equipping Young Women to Serve and Lead
The Generations Project is calling young people not only to establish righteousness in their nations by serving in places of influence, but to take on problems in their communities.

Hollywood Nobody: Lisa Samson
Hollywood Nobody Overcoming Identity Issues Discovering God and Relationships in Life

On the Loose: Jenny B. Jones
On the Loose, trials, tribulation, story of a what child could face.

Lausanne World Pulse - Mentoring Young Women Leaders in the Lausanne Women's Network
Christian mentoring is an awesome responsibility. Two of my aims include: (1) identifying, encouraging, challenging, training and mobilizing women for the task of evangelism and (2) putting women from one part of the world in touch with like-minded women in other countries.

Lausanne World Pulse - Developing Women for Ministry in Southern Africa
PACWA seeks to equip women in transforming the African continent

The Big Picture : Jenny B. Jones
The Big Picture A Novel

Finding Hollywood Nobody: lisa samson
Finding Hollywood Nobody A Novel

Lausanne World Pulse - Women in World Evangelization: More Study Needed
In-depth study focusing on women in global Christianity, and especially those involved in world missions, is required to take world evangelization to the next level of strategic thinking.