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Nuisance or Need - #6535
That crying person, they're a wounded person. And you can be part of God's healing in that person's life. We're here to do what Jesus would do if He were here in person, and that means when others see a nuisance, you'll see a need and you'll do something about it.


Everybody's Got a Story - #6153
One thing I can tell you from a lot of years of learning what's really inside people - when a person is hardest to love, they need your love the most! And that's when you ask Jesus to release His love through you because your love just isn't enough. React to their bad attitude or their bad treatment, and you can be just another person who just wounds an already wounded person more. Respond with the mercy and the grace and the compassion you got from Jesus and you can be part of healing that wounded person.


When You've Been Hurt By Friendly Fire - #6052
Let go of the resentment instead of letting it grow. Ask the God who has forgiven you so much to give you His grace to forgive those who've hurt you. The feelings you harbor aren't hurting them at all, but they're killing you!


Stripes in the Bible: Isaiah 53:5
It is through Christ's death that we find freedom from sin. This famous verse states that it is his suffering and his wounds (sometimes translated as "stripes") that we are healed of our own spiritual wounds.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wounded But Still Fighting - #8118
Now if that man can keep soldiering when he’s lost his sight, what was that I was complaining about? What do I let get me down?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Charlie Brown Christmas Miracle - #4422
It's amazing how a broken tree can become special with some tender, loving care. Or, more importantly, a broken person. With all the joy of the Christmas season, it can also be a time that reopens a lot of old wounds - a time that intensifies your loneliness and highlights the broken parts of your life.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Why You Can Make It The Rest Of The Way - #4071
It may be that right now you're struggling to finish. You were running OK, but now you're hurting, you're limping, you're wounded. Maybe you're disillusioned. You're burning out, you're wearing out, and you feel like dropping out. You look down the track at the ground you've still got to cover, and you wonder if you can possibly make it feeling like this. It hurts so bad, you're so depleted, it's tempting to give up your calling, or your marriage, or your commitment, your loved one, your dream.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Campus Shooting: A Rescuer's Regret - #8026
Man, all the people around us are terminal and we don’t know when they’re going to have their last chance at Jesus or at heaven. What stops me is my fear, and I figured out my fears are all about what might happen to me if I told them. I’ve got to be more afraid of what will happen to them if I don’t.