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Pretty Poison - #5956
First sin fascinates you, and then it assassinates you. And God, in His love, has come to you today to wave you away from a choice that will take you where you never wanted to go, it will keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay, and it will cost you more than you ever wanted to pay. Don't walk away from that sin - run away from it. Sin looks so good and it kills so dead.


Death In A Sticky Web - #2542
Listen, if you've been flying pretty close to the devil's web lately accept this as a loving warning from God. Touch the web and you will pay a price you never could have imagined. When sin looks good, remember that death on a sticky web. The destroyer is waiting to wrap you up and make you his. But in Jesus' power you can get away. Do it now, while you can!


Gift-Wrapped Garbage - #2948
You can just assume that the enemy is trying to wear you down right now in some area - by offering you garbage in a package that really disarms you. That's why God wants you to know who you really are.


Lighting Up At The End Of The Game - #3017
Maybe you've allowed yourself to slip into a survival mentality, or maybe you've become self-absorbed or self-pitying. In the fourth quarter, some people just settle into a reward mindset. "Well, I've worked hard all these years. I'll just settle back and relax now. It's time just to reward myself for what I did in the first three quarters of the game." Wait a minute! The game isn't over yet! We'll rest in heaven. We'll get rewarded in heaven.


The Danger Zone Alarm - #3019
God's warning is clear - don't quench the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. Listen to God's alarm going off in you. You don't know the trouble this is taking you into. He does. Back away from this door. It takes you where you do not want to end up. You are entering the danger zone.


Superman is Breakable! - #2402
You've got a terminal spiritual cancer, called sin! No matter how religious, no matter how respected you may be, you've broken God's laws and you've run the life that your Creator was suppose to run and "my way" of living has left you fatally separated from God. The cure requires humility - the admission that you cannot save yourself - and then a trip, not to a dirty river, but to a dying Savior's cross.


Prescription For A Weary Worker - #2890
If you're in Weary Valley, you're prone to discouragement, to thoughts of quitting what you were called to do, to mechanical ministry. It's time to get your eyes back on Jesus. It was His love that compelled you to serve in the first place. Go back to the cross, where you came in.


Immune To The Smell - #2898
Ask God to make you what Romans 16:19 calls "wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil." Innocent about evil, not intrigued by what is evil. Sin stinks. It's the rotting odor of eternal death, no matter how glamorously it is perfumed. Don't ever get used to the smell.


Invisible Death - #2379
You see, the easiest way to radiate you with sinful ideas is through your entertainment. That's when your guard's down. When you're watching TV or you're listening to some music, you're not thinking. You don't want to. It's a time when you are trying to relax. God knows that and that is why He says avoid the contamination.


Driving With the Brakes On - #2376
You get people talking about their favorite subject - themselves. Ask them about their family, their background, or their position, their interests, their weekend plans, something. And you look for clues that you can talk to them about. Look for a photo that they got or a pin that they wear, or a comment they make. Ask several questions. You don't have to be informed about what they are interested in, you just have to be interested in it. Find out areas that you can relate to and share your experience there.