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What's the longest, most difficult time of year for youth ministry? We're right in the middle of...

Thrill of Adventure
There's just something about finding something hidden that excites us: Matthew 13:44 "The...

Jest Kidding: ministry to kids (of all ages!)
How do you share the love of God with young kids? The Jest Kidding ministry uses every means at...

Leadership in Youth Ministry
Part of the job of a Youth leader is to train up the church leaders of tomorrow. It's exciting....

Leadership in youth ministry, part II
Yesterday we talked about several good youth ministry leadership resources. Here are three more...

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Review: It's Easy Being Green by Emma Sleeth
You've heard the debates about climate change - where "it's all humanity's fault" or "it's a natural meteorological cycle" are the end points on a continuum in the environmental blame game. Emma Sleeth's debut book doesn't go there at all, instead restating the argument in terms of 'creation care'.

The Big Picture : Jenny B. Jones
The Big Picture A Novel

Finding Hollywood Nobody: lisa samson
Finding Hollywood Nobody A Novel

The High School Survival Guide : Adam Palmer
The High School Survival Guide Making the Most of the Best Time of Your Life (So Far)

Dove Round-Up: TobyMac Named Artist of the Year at GMA Dove Awards
Multi-platinum and award winning ForeFront recording artist TobyMac had one of his best Dove Award experiences in his acclaimed career last night as he was named Artist of the Year, and received Dove Awards for Short Form Music Video of the Year (“Boomin’”) and Rock Recorded Album of the Year.

'Expelled' Documentary Seeks to Elevate Academic Freedom Debate
I have a love-hate relationship with Ben Stein's new movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. On one hand, the subject of academic freedom and Intelligent Design desperately needs to be publicly addressed and someone like Ben Stein is the perfect candidate to do so. On the other hand...

Review: I Will Go by Starfield
With their third studio release in six years, Starfield offers an album of driving, mission-focused worship. I Will Go is strongly influenced by the band's move back home from Nashville, TN to Vancouver, BC, allowing them to get more deeply rooted in the worship life of their church.

The Next Wave: David Wraight
When young people are given the freedom to lead, amazing things happen.

You Teach Sneak Peek
Tired of searching for fresh material for your youth group, small group, or Sunday school class? Youth Specialties is preparing to unleash the third in the clever You Teach series of DVDs featuring Tommy Woodard and Eddie James (aka The Skit Guys). Click 'read more' for a preview video from Vol. 3

Lausanne World Pulse - Urban Youth Adventures: Winnipeg’s North End
Investing in the lives of youths in the poor neighborhoods of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.