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Review: When Angels and Serpents Dance by P.O.D.
When Angels & Serpents Dance is the end product of fourteen years of musical experimentation by San Diego, CA-based P.O.D. The album encompasses the band’s hardcore/punk roots, the hip-hop style lyrics, and the reggae flavor that have marked their previous releases and made P.O.D a name.

Review: Sex, Sushi and Salvation by Christian George
Travel. Pilgrimage. Personal anecdotes. Dialog about Christian music. Emerging church commentary. Soteriology. And just about everything except a story about the family kitchen sink. In Christian George’s book, Sex, Sushi, and Salvation we get a personal look into a sojourner's life.

20/20 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education within a Single Generation
Youth Pastor Edwin Pacheco is on a mission to save New York City's public schools. But unlike some who prefer a more fire and brimstone approach, Pacheco's primary concern isn't escape from hell. It's God's kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven," and it responds in real time to real needs.

Review: Hawk Nelson is My Friend by Hawk Nelson
Hawk Nelson is My Friend, Hawk Nelson’s third release on Tooth & Nail Records, continues to walk the pop-punk/hard-rock genre line. They succeed at keeping the messages in their songs consistent with their previous work while not sounding like they just reproduced their early releases.

Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious
Kingdom of Comfort raises the bar of what you expect from a Delirious? album, in spite of the band's award-winning, veteran status. The theme of this album is one of action and mission - clearly telling the listener that by reaching out to the poor and hungry you show God’s love to them.

You Matter Always
Warning: Obvious statement around the corner. At the heart of each of these encouraging You Matter essays is this, you matter. Not, you matter because... or you matter if... simply, you matter. More explicitly, YOU matter. You matter because God cares for you.

You Matter to Your Church
This note is a long time in coming to you, our youth worker. Perhaps over recent weeks, and in light of recent events you have asked yourself “Is it really worth it?” You need to know that yes, it is worth it. You need to know that you – personally – matter to this church.

Review: Addison Road
"Not another pop album." That's the attitude I had when the first notes of Addison Road played through my ear buds for this review. Something was different in that first listen to Addison Road - the band has a narrative of their own. Addison Road is for real.

Review: Roots Run Deep by Jadon Lavik
Let's get real honest with ourselves about music. Most youth workers love modern worship music. Go to any concert or conference and the youth pastors rock out and bounce around just as hard as the students. The problem with this is simple. It does not accurately reflect the musical style many of our

You Matter to Your Schools
Here's a thought that will blow your mind. The God of the Universe chose you to help him build the church in your town. Here's another thought to give you some perspective. The God of the Universe has an enemy, Satan, whose deepest desire is to distract, discourage, debilitate, and destroy you.