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Discussion Groups: Get-to-Know-You Game
A good game that you can adapt and use to help students in your small group get to know each other. Each student gets a copy and a pencil.

Small Groups: How to Shepherd Your Group
A short article to help people leading small groups to shepherd their group with a shepherding notebook.

Youth Ministry: Diagnostic Evaluation
A questionnaire to help youth workers evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of their ministries.

Missions: 21 Ways to Avoid It
Follow this sage advice to ensure that don't end up on the mission field.

Missions: Are They Mandatory?
WARNING: Don't read this article just before bedtime. You'll either get mad, feel guilty (horrors!), become a missionary, or weep. But you won't sleep!

Short-Term Missions: Short List of Universal Standards
A great checklist to see if you're on track with your approach to short-term missions.

True Cross-Cultural Church Partnerships
Many well-intentioned mission trips falter over the long-haul by fostering a one sided dependence. Avoid this tendency with these well-seasoned tips.

Short-Term Missions: Introductory Articles
A few sites for learning about short-term missions.

100 Youth Ministry Gems
Three veteran youth ministers share their best seasoned advice.

Organizing for Effectiveness
Overwhelmed by mountains of papers and e-mails? Here's how to get organized.