Meeting God Changes Your Life
Maybe you've heard people talk about how Jesus changed their lives. He wants to bring about these same types of changes in your life. Trusting God makes a lot of things possible that were impossible before you met Him--like having your sins forgiven and receiving the gift of eternal life.

A Life That's Real
How can we incorporate the truths of the Bible into our everyday lives? In a world that seems so far from the cross of Christ, how can we live a life that's real? This study is for Christians who want insight and guidance on how to live each day as a believer.

Heaven, How Do I Get There?
How do I get to heaven? In this booklet, you’ll find out about the problem keeping us from heaven in the first place. But most importantly, you’ll find out about everything God has done to overcome that problem and allow you a place in heaven for eternity.

Lessons on Living From David
King David was a man’s man. He fought, loved and lived life to the fullest. Throughout this study you’ll be reminded that God is merciful to those who fear Him--to those who, like David, are people after His own heart.

Bible Minute
If you're pressed for time, but looking for a way to connect with God's Word, check out The Bible Minute. See what the Bible says, and find help and hope for daily living--all in 60 seconds.

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