Substance Abuse: Help for Parents of Kids on Drugs
The news that your kid uses drugs or alcohol hits you like a ton of bricks. You are needed as God's instrument of Grace to others, but you need healing yourself. You are not alone. Turn to those who understand your pain and can offer help...ministry parents and their kids who have been there.

Friend Day Resources
Friend Day Resources are here! Find everything you need to plan and carry out the nation's most popular attendance campaign! Intentionally evangelistic for spiritual growth and outreach as well as church growth.

Fasting, Prayer, and Revival
Spiritual breakthrough! To learn more about fasting or find a guide to help you through the discipline of fasting, discover the keys to revival, determine how to build a "house of prayer," find help for how to pray when you don't know what to say, and more, look at these resources.

Family and Relationship Issues
Some of the most important issues for which people seek answers involve relationships and family problems. Often there are no easy solutions. See the resources in this section for support and biblically based instruction.

Evangelism and Assimilation
Evangelism is an offensive or frightening word to some; that shouldn't be the case. Discover tools that allow you to influence others for Christ by using your own God-given gifts, find out how to "close the back door" to your church and keep people coming, learn how to get ready for company, & more.

Elmer Towns Bookstore
Check here to see what is available from Dr. Elmer Towns, as seen on his web site Dr. Towns has contributed much to the field of religious education, church planting, Sunday school growth, more recently teaching the importance and place of fasting and prayer.

If you're like most people, when you want something, you want it now. Here you will find products you can download and use right away! Need a PowerPoint presentation, research materials, or textbook? Check out these downloads, including materials related to the Team Ministry series and your gifts!

Discovery Tools and Inventories
Discovery tools to help you form a basis for self-improvement, better communications, improved ministry efforts. Identify your dominant spiritual gift, discover your leadership/management style, learn about your personality, evaluate your friendship and marriage communication skills, and more.

Today more than ever we need to reach our children with biblical guidance and direction while they're young--and establish a strong foundation for their future. Look here for products to help you develop successful, safe, and exciting nurseries and children's ministries.

Here you'll discover an array of books covering a wide variety of topics--such as how to improve your teaching, fasting, evangelism, spiritual gifts, Sunday school, biblical leadership, singles, children, financial freedom, and much more.