Because Why
Article on how the mere question "why" points us to purpose in the universe.

Quesitons Asked: Cultural Relativism
Article on Cultural Relativism and how Nazism and Martin Luther King, Jr., both reveal there are some morals universally non-negotiable.

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Soulation home page, updated regularly.

loving_god_with_all_of_you_1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Part one of the series on Loving God with All of You by Soulation Ministries.

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Soulation's shop. This is a place where you can order any of the books off of the Soulation recommended reading list.

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More information on how to invite either Jonalyn Grace Fincher and/or Dale Fincher to speak at your event or church. Has a contact form you can fill out for more information.

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Jonalyn Grace Fincher and Dale Fincher's travel plans. Updated regularly.

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Soulation's library of sermons and answers to questions both in pdf and audio formats.