XXXchurch - Teens and Porn - Links, books and resources to help you
Resources for teens on the issues of porn, masturbation and what the Bible says about these issues.

XXXchurch - Questions and Answers about porn, lust and sex
This page is an Q and A style forum in which you can ask a question of then it will be answered in a timely fashion. Read through pages of questions and answers.

XXXchurch - Teens: help with porn and masturbation - X3watch accountability software
What do you do to stop look at porn? This page is for teens that want some help with the issue of pornography. We know it is a big deal and we have outlined some action steps for you. Tell someone you trust about your struggle with porn. Tell a pastor, close friend or youth leader. You must confess to someone else. Yes it is hard, but you are not meant to do this alone. God has put those people in your life to help you through this and to keep you accountable. And the last step is to clean it up - change your ways. For instance ask you parents to put the computer in public area in the house. Also, get the free accountability software from on your computer • Find someone you trust that will ask you the tough questions on a regular basis. Have you looked at porn this week? What is tripping you up? What are you going to do today to change this area of your life? • X3watch is a 100% FREE program that you can download right now! This easy and no nonsense program tracks questionable websites that you visit and then sends a report to two accountability partners. Join thousands who are currently using this great software. Download it now >>

Addressing the issue of porn at church - XXXchurch
On this page you will find ideas and resources to help your church address the issues of porn. Recovery and healing programs are key. Resources such as free accountability software, X3watch, and the XXXchurch Porn Sunday program are outlined.