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The King Thing - #5843
God has given us teachers to teach His truth to us, but that doesn't mean we just put away our Bible and stop thinking for ourselves. That's how cults and theological detours get started. See, your primary source of truth must always be the Word of God, which you personally, one-on-one with God, examine every day to see what is true; trusting His Holy Spirit to lead you into truth.


Letting Go of Your Little Ones - #5832
For some of us who tend to be like control freaks, we have to make sure we're not trying to "play God" ourselves in our child's life. Parents who truly place their son or daughter in God's hands can lay off the nagging, the manipulating, the meddling, and the criticizing. What we try to control we often end up crushing.


Level Ground - #5808
The culture of money and power and fashion and social groupings is supposed to stop at the door of the Church of Jesus Christ. I hope it does at yours. None of that stuff matters to Jesus. The world has its "power elite" and its "insiders and outsiders." Don't let that cancer infect your church.


Right Words, Wrong Heart - #5783
If there's been more than one you, the Christian you and then the other guys, maybe you're tired of playing charades spiritually, you're tired of the performance, you're tired of the mask. It's time to say, "Jesus, I've been saying all the right words, but You know how hollow it all is really and now so do I. I just want to love You and want to know You for real. I want this to be all about a Christ-relationship, not the Christian religion."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Halloween-Deadly Masquerade - #8132
Last Halloween night, I walked into this convenient store and I saw a sign outside that said, “Leave your mask outside.” I took that very personally, but actually, it’s a good idea. ... I can almost imagine a sign like that outside the Throne Room of Almighty God. See masks are absolutely useless in the presence of God.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Undefeated - But Untested - #8115
It’s easy to be undefeated when you’re not even in the game. Well there are too many undefeated followers of Jesus because they’re totally sidelines Christians, settling for life that’s safe instead of a life that matters.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Secrets of Super-Size Prayer - #4525
God loves it when we come to Him, not with our usual script and our religious self, but all hanging out with our real, true emotions. The deep contents of your soul become the substance of your prayer. Passion in your praying is one of those powerful prayer secrets.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When the Devil Pulls Your String - #4554
Cowardice and criticism and negativity are contagious, and they're Satan's favorite tool to discourage a believer - another believer. Don't fall for it. One other string your enemy loves to pull: lies about who you are


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Many Dry Wells and One Gushing Spring - #4557
All those places you would normally turn for the strength and encouragement you need just aren't able to meet your need this time. You're feeling very alone. And bitterness, discouragement, anger, depression are starting to creep into your soul. But at a moment like this, David remembered the spring! There is a spring that never runs dry, that's gushing water for your soul even in the midst of an unrelenting drought. David turned to the infinite resources of the Lord his God and found strength when it seemed no strength was possible.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Taking Back What The Enemy Stole - #4315
That could be the mission God is asking you to go on right now. There's something, or someone, that our enemy Satan has stolen. And your Lord wants you to fight to get back what your enemy has no right to have.