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Living with Holiness! - Welcome to
To continue our Christian live and life in recovery, we are called to get our minds lined up with God—His Way, His precepts, and His plan.

Our Faithful Growth in Christ! - Welcome to
Step 12: How can you help others and carry the Gospel message that Christ transforms lives? The authentic knowledge of Christ revealed to us is the foundation of our faith.

Dealing with Temptations - Welcome to
Step 12: Having achieved success in spiritual growth and recovery, now seek how you can continue your success. Jesus Himself dealt with temptations, and He will empower you to move on from them.

Dealing with Disappointments - Welcome to
Step 11: Pray for strength, God’s Will and the continual empowerment for recovery! Take the Initiative! We have to take the initiative in our spiritual formation.

Seeking Wisdom to Deal with Recovery! - Welcome to
Step 11: Seek to grow, go to prayer, and improve your relationship with Christ. Are you relying on yourself or God?

How is your Recovery Going? Part 2 - Welcome to
Step 10: Keep on God’s path for recovery so you do not fall off of it and go back to your old harmful ways. Continue to make amends by examining your life and what you have done

How is your Recovery Going? Part 1 - Welcome to
Step 10: Continue to make amends by examining your life and what you have done to cause hurt to others and then take responsibility for it.

The Problem of Not Forgiving - Welcome to
Step 9: When we make amends, we have to be careful we do not further injure people or cause strife. For you to be on the road to recovery, you must be willing to forgive and seek others forgiveness.

Beware of Anger! - Welcome to
Step 9: Be diligent to pursue forgiveness whenever possible. The process of what got us into our dependency or addiction that led to our dysfunction may have caused a lot of anger build-up

Making Amends! Part 2 - Welcome to
Step 8: Make a list and be willing with God’s help to make amends. It is painful and we may still have fear, but we can do this successfully and be a healing and a relief.