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The Deadly Silence - #5958
Pray each day that God will give you natural opportunities to share what you know about Jesus. Ask God to show you how to approach each person, and even ask Him to give you the words to say. He's promised He would. Living a Christlike life in front of them is very important, but it's not enough. They'll never guess Jesus died for them. You'll have to tell them that. You have the message that can save their life. To leave that message undelivered is unthinkable.


Superman is Breakable! - #2402
You've got a terminal spiritual cancer, called sin! No matter how religious, no matter how respected you may be, you've broken God's laws and you've run the life that your Creator was suppose to run and "my way" of living has left you fatally separated from God. The cure requires humility - the admission that you cannot save yourself - and then a trip, not to a dirty river, but to a dying Savior's cross.


The Delivery Crisis - #2815
It could be that the place where you work, where you live, where you go to school has no one delivering Jesus to them right now. God has paid with the life of His only Son for the eternal life He wants to give them and the people you know are so in need of a Savior.


Missing Your Mission - #5704
God is trying to open your eyes to the life-or-death emergency that's right in front of you. He's put you on the scene where you could save some lives, where you could rescue some spiritually dying people. As inadequate as you may feel, you're the one that Jesus placed in their lives so you could help some of those folks be in heaven with you!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Finally Clean - #4466
Here's the point: if you will go to the place where God says you can be cured of your terminal sin-cancer and do what He says, He will make you clean and new. You can't buy His forgiveness by giving Him money, you can't earn His forgiveness by doing great things. You can only receive His forgiveness by going, in your heart, to Jesus' cross and throwing yourself on His mercy and His love.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Letting Go Of The Wheel - #4328
My wife sometimes has a hard time getting me to let go of the wheel. God knows that feeling - maybe with you, too. Some of us hang onto control for as long as we can, not realizing that we are heading for a crash if we don't let go. And we're missing miracles that God so wants to do in our lives - because we refuse to relinquish control.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Most Powerful Position in the World - #4580
Can you think of someone you're spiritually concerned about? I hope so, because Jesus has called you to be His ambassador. Think about this question: how could I serve him or her? How could I be there for him, for her? Sharing Christ isn't just a matter of dumping the Gospel on someone. You need to get in a position where they'll listen to you. You need to win the right to be heard.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Everyday Stuff, Never Everyday Again - #4636
When you go where you go each day to do what you do, you go on an eternal rescue mission! Jesus put you there so you can take some of those people to heaven with you. How are you doing? Every day, you're there to show by your life the difference Jesus makes and to capture every God-given opportunity to tell them how they can belong to Him. And suddenly your everyday takes on eternal significance.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Missing Your Mission - #4218
This lady is not about to be a hero! She's oblivious to the desperate need in front of her and instead she's just all focused on herself. The question is - could that be us? On the scene where there are people in front of us who are spiritually dying, without Christ, without any hope of heaven - and we're just standing there, worrying about ourselves.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Mismatch Illusion - #4779
Maybe you're worried about the bad influences on your son or daughter and what they might become. Or about some strong opposition to a work you're trying to do for the Lord, or the financial odds against you. Maybe it's the pressure that has intimidated you into silence where you should be sharing Christ. Whatever it is, what stands in the way looks huge, doesn't it? But you need to look again at this battle, this time look at the forces of Jesus who committed to the battle on your behalf.