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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Human Jumper Cables - #5472
I'm guessing that you know someone right now who is pretty depleted - emotionally, mentally, maybe spiritually, even physically. When they turn the key, not much is happening because their battles, their responsibilities have left them unable to get going again. That's why God has given us each other. To be jumper cables for each other when we sense that someone we know is pretty run down.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Outlets Without Power - #5490
Your spirituality, your religion may give you some spiritual experiences, but that's not the power we really need. We need spiritual power that changes the things about us that we have never been able to change; to beat the things that have always beaten us.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Fourth Quarter - It's Ours! - #5492
So now, maybe at a time when you have so many reasons to slack off, to quit, when you've already played hard for a long time, listen to God saying, "Do not be weary in well doing, for in due time you will reap if you do not give up" (Galatians 6:9). Be a fourth quarter husband or wife, be a fourth quarter mom or dad, a fourth quarter friend, or worker, or leader. Be a follower of Jesus who refuses to slack off, to slow down, to head for the showers, to give up. That's how your Savior was for you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Core is What Counts - #5555
The core - it's your relationship with God, your relationship with your family, and your central mission - your ministry. The wind outside may be doing tons of damage. The devil is nibbling all around the core. But maybe you can say as we did, "Lord thank you for protecting the core." It's important during a hurricane to see the difference between the core and the non-core things in your life.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Gold Medal Finish - #5573
Somewhere back there you started running some race for your Lord. Your uniform doesn't carry the name of your country, or your church, or your organization, or even your own name - it carries the name of Jesus Christ. You're Team Jesus. He's the One who must have felt like letting up as He approached the horror of His last lap, but He did not decelerate.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Trusted With the Torch - #5614
Paul must have enjoyed the ancient Olympic Games. He made several references to them. As he writes his letter to his spiritual apprentice, Timothy, you can almost picture Paul as a torch bearer of the message of Jesus Christ. Writing from a prison cell, he's on his last lap before he is going to collapse into the arms of Jesus. But right now he's concerned about who will carry the torch from here.


2 Timothy
This introduction to the book of 2 Timothy reports on the author, date, setting, reason for writing, and outline. From the NIV Study Bible, Introductions.


Enduring Life's Hardships
When life gets hard and our circumstances are overwhelming, we all face the temptation to be discouraged or to give in. Nancy shares insights from 2 Timothy about how to endure and grow through hardship.