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Do you want to see a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl?
If you're planning to tune into the Super Bowl next week, you'll have more than just a good game...

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Christianity & the Culture - Faith Facts
The Christian faith is evident throughout the history of culture. See how faith relates to government, culture issues, euthanasia, living wills, abortion, and even the celebration of Christmas.

Abortion: A Reasoned Dialogue - Faith Facts
Often the best way to dialogue with someone on a controversial topic is to respond with a question that helps all parties think about their position. This is the approach taken by this series of 23 questions related to abortion. [Thanks to Justice for All Foundation]

Rescue the Perishing
You won't want to miss this moving story of how God rescued one young woman and her unborn son. On Friday, you'll hear a message Nancy gave at her annual banquet of her local Pregnancy Care Center.

Beauty for Ashes
When Martha Schaale was a young woman, she had an abortion. For 10 years she lived in pain and denial, until she turned to God to heal her wounds. Her powerful story of love, forgiveness, and restoration will remind you that no matter how much hurt you're carrying, God can healing.