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Fat Birds - #6742
Ask God to break your heart for those lost people around you; to take a piece of His heart and put it into yours. There are dying people all around you. Don't be that fat bird just staying in the nest.

Confession and Thanksgiving
Do you pray for blessings and riches? Remember: abundance is no guarantee of gratefulness or thanksgiving. Prosperity may even turn our hearts away from the Lord.

Abundance in the Bible: John 10:10
The new life Christ brings to us is complete and full; we have no need for anything more if we've received it. It is completely abundant and meets all of our spiritual needs.

Abundance in the Bible: Matthew 12:34
Our words are a good indicator of what's in our heart. If the things we say are unpleasant and false, it speaks volumes about our inner thoughts and values. It's no use claiming to be righteous if your own words suggest otherwise.