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Today's Devotional: Sorrow as Part of God's Plan
In Romans 8:28, Paul famously wrote that "in all things God works for the good of those who love...

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Revive Our Hearts: The Blessing of Thorns
Have you ever thanked God for the thorns in your life? Nancy shows how our afflictions can be the tool God uses to make us like Jesus.

Affliction - a Christian perspective
Suffering in this life is real, but we can take comfort in knowing that it's a temporary, passing thing--it will soon be replaced by God's perfect peace.

CQOD—Spurgeon: the best soldiers
Spurgeon on the role of affliction in God's plans.

A.W. Pink : Bearing the Rod
As we turn to the Holy Scriptures for light upon this subject of Trouble, Suffering, Affliction, Tribulation, Persecution etc., we discover two distinct and different lines of Truth thereon, running all trough the Word. On the one hand we read that, “We must through much tribulation...

A.W. Pink : Affliction and Glory
These words supply us with a reason why we should not faint under trials nor be overwhelmed by misfortunes. They teach us to look at the trials of time in the light of eternity. They affirm that the present buffetings of the Christian exercise a beneficent effect on the inner man...