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How to sign up for Google alerts, and find top keyword searches in search engines
Google offers a remarkable Alerts service. You can set up a request for email notification any time that new online content appears relating to any keyword, or keyword group, that you have specified. You can further specify whether this should be content listed on Google News, Blogs, Videos or the main comprehensive Google database. You can also ask to be informed as it happens, once a day or once a week.


Alert in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Christian life isn't a passive one. On the contrary, we are commanded to be alert at all times, ready to do good whenever the opportunity arises, and prepared to resist temptation whenever it rears its head.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Sleepwalking Into Alligators - #4075
Now, obviously, sleepwalking can be very dangerous. You can end up where you would never go if you were wide awake. Well, that's how a lot of Jesus' followers have ended up with the spiritual alligators.