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Hope Within Your Reach - #6156
Church folks refer to Jesus as the Savior. That means rescuer. He's come down the shaft personally to bring you to God. But he had to give His life for you to ever have life. But He didn't stay dead. He walked out of His grave and conquered death forever. And now He's come for you. When that metal cage came down the shaft, every miner had a choice. Get on and live or stay where you are and die. That's exactly the choice that faces every one of us when it comes to God's Rescuer, Jesus.


Alive in Christ - a Christian perspective
If we could be said to be dead to our sins, we can be made alive again in Christ by allowing God to work in our lives. Just as Jesus died and rose again from the dead, so he extends that same live-after-death to us.


Alive - a Christian perspective
In the days immediately following the Resurrection, it was difficult for Christ's disciples to believe that he was actually alive. Despite having heard Christ predict his own death and resurrection, they were still amazed and confounded by reports of the empty tomb.


C.H. Spurgeon : Alive or Dead—Which?
LAST Sabbath morning we addressed you upon the gracious operations of the Holy Spirit in the believer, and upon the glorious fad of his dwelling in the hearts of the regenerate. Now, it frequently happens that when we discourse upon the work of the Holy Spirit, there are...