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An international ministry of apologetics and evangelism—answering skeptics' questions about Christianity and helping Christians better understand their own beliefs.

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Did Jesus Claim to be the Son of God?
Some people claim that Jesus never saw himself as the son of God and that it was only after his death that His followers made this claim. This article looks at the evidence in the Gospel accounts - how did Jesus really see himself?

How Can A Good God Permit Evil in the World?
This article seeks to answer one of the most common and troubling questions people have about God. If He is good and all-powerful, why does He permit pain and evil in the world?

Were the Gospel Accounts Just Myths or Fables?
It is sometimes said by non-Christians that the four Gospels are nothing more than a myth or a fable. This article takes a close look at the author's intentions. What did the authors say about their own work, and what clues can we gain from looking at their work, as well as their personal lives?

Evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible
This article examines the evidence for Jesus Christ which exists in ancient Jewish and Roman historical texts.

Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead?
All of Christianity rests on the miracle of the resurrection. This article examines why this event is unique among modern religions and why that makes the testimony of the apostles so important.

Could The Gospel Accounts be Accurate?
Could the Gospels be telling the truth? Did the authors have first hand knowledge and were the Gospels written soon enough after the events? This article examines the Gospels' authors and time lines to determine if the Gospels could possibly be an accurate portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ

Why Do Christians Believe The Bible?
Christians believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God, but what evidence is there that this isn't just a book like any other? Do Christians believe the Bible only because the Bible tells them to? This article will take you through the reasons why the Bible is God's inspired word.

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
This is a difficult question for Christians and non-Christians alike. This article will examine hell from a different perspective and explain that hell is a choice we make, not a punishment that God imposes.

Pascal's Wager
Seventeenth century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal proposed that worshiping God is the only "safe bet". It may be true, but will God accept us if we are coming to Him just to play the odds? This article examines the details and implications of Pascal's famous wager.

Delve Into Jesus : Discover That Christianity Makes Sense
This site is dedicated to helping you learn more about Jesus Christ. Christianity is more than a feeling and there is far more to it than faith alone! The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a real event in history and we want to share the evidence with you.