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[Culture Week] Billy Graham Center exhibit explores images of the Cross
For two thousand years, the cross has been a universally recognized symbol of the Christian...

Christian critics respond to the list of Oscar nominees
Next month is the 2009 Academy Awards ceremony, when the best films and performances of 2008 will...

Can a Portrait Help a Person?
On December 12, photographers across the nation will be taking pictures of people for free as...

The unique relationship between Christianity and art
Makoto Fujimura is a celebrated Japanese-American artist and a Christian. His work is on display...

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The most popular TED lecture ever - it's about creativity
Do you know who is the most popular TED lecturer ever? He beats the second-most popular by more than 50%, and 9 million views. His name is not Bono or Gates. He's a British educationalist – Sir Ken Robinson. His contention is that creativity is as important as literacy. Watch his TED lecture below to learn why, and to notice what makes him such a good communicator, using storytelling and humor.

Christianity and the creative arts - why it matters
How a culture portrays itself and its ideals in art (including film, literature, music, even clothes design) is obviously deeply intertwined with its worldview.

Larger than Life | Christian History Institute
Life of sculptor/artist Michelangelo by Laurel Gasque from Christian History Magazine.

Incredible video clips: Budapest flashmob, 10-year girl singer, and Toroflux spring
here are three varied videos that demonstrate the power of the visual in different ways: 1. The Resurrection Sunday Dance, performed by a flash-mob (all members of one church) in Budapest last Easter...

Christian artists - an open letter to all Christians in the visual and performing arts
The Web and the digital media are changing everything! It is not only that we have one more medium to use. This new medium is also transforming the way people think and communicate. For about 500 years after the invention of the printing press, we were living in a ‘print communication culture’. Then, from around 1950, radio and TV placed us in a ‘broadcast communication culture’. Now from the Millennium onwards, we are moving into a ‘digital communication culture’.

Can a Portrait Help a Person?
On December 12, photographers across the nation will be taking pictures of people for free as part of the Help Portrait movement. Help Portrait is an attempt to mobilize the amateur, hobbyist and professional photographers of the world to bring some good to those in need. It's a perfect opportunity for Christians to help others with their artistic talents.

Should Christians Read Non-Christian Books?
Despite visual media’s best attempts to kill off reading, people still really like books. Between libraries, online bookstores, Google Books and devices like the Kindle, it’s almost trivial to find any book we could ever want.

The Impact of Christianity - Faith Facts
This article takes a historical look at the importance of the Christmas event--putting aside matters of theology or faith. See how Jesus' birth impacts the value of human life, education, government, science, the work ethic, art, music, literature and more....

LWP - Prepare the Way—Remove the Stones
The neglect of the imagination in life and faith has impoverished the Body of Christ. However, during the past few decades there has been a global renewal of interest in the arts and the imagination among believers.

Lausanne World Pulse - Redeeming the Arts
The power of the arts to move us, engage us and help us see our faith with fresh eyes is indisputable.