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The most popular TED lecture ever - it's about creativity
Do you know who is the most popular TED lecturer ever? He beats the second-most popular by more than 50%, and 9 million views. His name is not Bono or Gates. He's a British educationalist – Sir Ken Robinson. His contention is that creativity is as important as literacy. Watch his TED lecture below to learn why, and to notice what makes him such a good communicator, using storytelling and humor.


Christianity and the creative arts - why it matters
How a culture portrays itself and its ideals in art (including film, literature, music, even clothes design) is obviously deeply intertwined with its worldview.


Lausanne World Pulse - Redeeming the Arts
The power of the arts to move us, engage us and help us see our faith with fresh eyes is indisputable.


LWP - Restoring the Arts to the Church: The Role of Creativity in the Expression of Truth
Approximately seventy-five percent of scripture consists of narrative; fifteen percent is expressed in poetic form.


Lausanne World Pulse - Grace in the Gospel: Thai Christian Dance
Thai dance is particularly suitable for worship because of the graceful, non-suggestive movements. This article is a descriptive pictorial.


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