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LWP- A Lesson on “Community Development” from Cambodia: 10-Year Bottom Up Approach
True community development requires an upside-down approach of finding good people, planning together, and trusting God for the resources.


Lausanne World Pulse - Training Evangelists in Manila
Second Asian Advanced Institute for Evangelists seeks to enlighten, encourage and empower the lives and ministries of practicing evangelists from Asia and the South Pacific.


Lausanne World Pulse - An Overview of Southeast Asia
Stretching from Indochina to the Malay Archipelago, Southeastern Asia is full of rich resources such as oil, gas, timber, minerals and metals. The region, however, sits on the intersection of large geologic plates, where earthquakes and volcanoes are not uncommon.


World Missions Atlas Project - Central Asia
Overview Maps of the region depicting Evangelical Christianity Status, Bible Translation, Jesus Film Translation, and links to missiological country information.