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Who doesn't have a blog these days? I was pleasantly surprised to discover recently that Woodrow...

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When you read the story of Easter (see yesterday's post to read it if you're not familiar...

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Lessons on Living devotional
This devotional provides insightful and revealing snapshots of key Bible characters. In this yearlong journey you will meet Daniel, Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Esther, Isaiah, Elijah, David, Ruth, Job, Solomon and Jeremiah!

Back to the Bible - BB University Week
How can you read and understand the Bible? Try this free 5-day course on how to read and study your Bible.

Back to the Bible - Bible Reading Guides
The Bible "Read Me" Plans from Back to the Bible feature multiple schedules to help you to read the Bible in a year. God's Word is a big book and without a workable schedule it can be easy to give up before you even get through Genesis.

Back to the Bible - Back to the Bible Radio
Listen to Back to the Bible's radio programs. Find Back to the Bible archives, current broadcasts, and local listings.