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Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
There's a lot of nuances to baptism (sprinkling v. immersion, adult v. child, etc.), but I'd like...

When is Re-Baptism Appropriate?
I've been thinking about baptism quite a bit lately. My church had a wonderful baptism service on...

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Go Make Disciples
You are awesome, O God, in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to His people. Praise be to God! — Psalm 68:35 (NIV) Finding refuge is not a concept most of us relate to in the physical sense. We have our comfortable homes and vehicles and the freedom to come and go […]

Of Mass Baptisms | Christian History Institute
Can a king-ordered mass baptism of his nation’s citizens really bring about their genuine conversion to Christ? Vladimir of Kiev. From Christian History magazine.

Electric safety in baptism pools: electrocution danger for pastor or leader in church baptistry
Never, ever, use a wired microphone in a baptismal pool. A recent case in Texas is only the latest of a long series of tragedies around the world, with church leaders being electrocuted in pools. Even a normally harmless leakage of stray volts into a microphone is lethal when a person is immersed in water.

Is Batism Necessary for Salvation?
There’s a lot of nuances to baptism (sprinkling v. immersion, adult v. child, etc.), but I’d like to focus on the core question of whether or not it’s essential for salvation. What's your perspective?

The Only Applause That Matters - #5943
Who are you living to please: the boss, the pastor, your family, your friends, the church, some guy or girl, the community? They didn't die for you. Their rewards don't hold a candle to His. The early church leader, Stephen, knew that. He had stood up for the truth on the streets of Jerusalem and the crowd was not applauding.

Repent and be baptized - a Christian perspective
How do we gain eternal life? By repenting and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Peter and the other disciples carried this simple message of hope throughout the entire ancient world.

White Flag Winners - #3038
That area you have insisted on controlling, that part of you you've just stubbornly refused to yield, where you have insisted on things being your way - it's time to drop your sword and raise your white flag. It's time to surrender. In the shadow of your Jericho, this is your facedown on the ground crossroads. When it's Jesus you surrender to, surrender doesn't mean you lose, it means you are on the verge of some of the greatest victories of your life.

Water and baptism - a Christian perspective
This passage describes the significance of baptism--it's a symbol of the spiritual cleansing that we receive when we submit ourselves to Jesus, and a sign that we are dedicating ourselves to God's service.

Baptism - a Christian perspective
John the Baptist predicted Jesus' arrival, and the new type of baptism that He would bring: a spiritual baptism through the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the physical baptism in water that John offered.

Front Lines Surrender and Front Lines Victory - #5910
The battle looming ahead of you is not the battle that will decide what happens to you. It's the battle inside you. The battle that can be settled today as you quit fighting God and walk into the arms of Jesus, the strongest arms in the world.