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Hunger - a Christian perspective
In the Beatitudes, Jesus overturns many commonly accepted social mores and teachings that those who lack are more blessed than those who "have it all." In this verse, he teaches that those who hunger after spiritual truth will find their needs satisfied.


Peacemakers - a Christian perspective
Jesus tells us in the beatitudes that the peacemakers are blessed in the Kingdom of God. He says that they will be called Sons of God.


Sermon on the Mount in the Bible: Matthew 5:1-48
Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" contains many of his most memorable and important teachings. Using a variety of stories and examples, he undermines the idea that simply following the law is enough to make us righteous. God looks at our hearts, not just at our outward words and actions.


Beatitudes in the Bible: Matthew 5:1-12
In the famous "beatitudes"--part of Jesus' sermon on the mount--Jesus turns human social order on its head by stating that it is humility, gentleness, and purity that God truly values, rather than power or wealth.


"Blessed are those" in the Bible: Matthew 5:1-12
The beatitudes lay out the upside-down kingdom that Jesus came to bring to the earth. This passage is part of Matthew's recounting of the Sermon on the Mount.


"Blessed" in the Bible: Matthew 5:1-11
Jesus' message in the so-called Sermon on the Mount challenges us to rethink our values and priorities. He promises rich blessings to the poor, the downtrodden, and the humble--people we wouldn't ordinarily think of as especially blessed.


Matthew: Steve Halliday
Matthew A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word. Get to know Jesus as the promised Messiah through this inductive study of Matthew's Gospel.


The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount
The teachings of Jesus as found in the book of Matthew in the Bible.


Reading from the Beatitudes, D. L. Moody
This is believed to be the only existing audio recording of Dwight Moody. It is a very poor quality, however it must be remembered that audio recording was being invented and developed during this time. Even though it is difficult to hear the innunciation of his words, it is amazing to hear...


Matthew 5: 3-12 Part 2
Christ the Teacher “The Beatitudes” Part 2: We must know the Teacher before His teaching can make sense to us or be real in our lives! He teaches with the Spirit in mind to empower us, and His grace sustains us.