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Street Children
In partnership with Compassion International-Peru and the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Biblica is ministering to thousands of these children with God's Word—Bibles, Gospels of John, an illustrated children’s New Testament calledEncuentros con Dios, and Aventuras bíblicas, Biblica's Spanish version of My Monthly Bible Reader.


French Bible :: La Bible Du Semeur
La Bible Du Semeur. Provided by Biblica. Copyright 1999.


The history of the Bible (an interactive timeline).
The Bible was not written in one specific year or in a single location. The Bible is a collection of writings, and the earliest ones were set down nearly 3500 years ago. Flash content.


Financial Accountability :: Biblica
Biblica is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).


Scripture Ministry Outreach
Biblica provides Scripture around the world. See our projects in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America


International Bible Society and Send the Light become Biblica.


Bible Translation Projects around the World
Bible translation has been a key component of Biblica since 1810, a year after our founding. As a leader in methods and quality of translating the Scriptures, Biblica is providing translations that are accurate, natural, and clear.


Biblica Europe
Once the seat of Christianity in the Western world, Europe now finds itself thoroughly postmodern and post-Christian. For Biblica Europe, the mission is clear: Reinsert God's Word into European society in a way that engages people and changes their lives forever.


Biblica Latin America
Biblica Latin America works in partnership with organizations like Compassion International, World Vision, the Salvation Army, and others to reach people across the spectrum of ministry needs.


Biblica Asia Pacific
Asia is among the most culturally, economically, and religiously diverse regions in the world. The challenges facing the people of Asia are equally diverse. At Biblica Asia, our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ through the pages of His Word.